I have seen the city breath. Augmentation always follows decreasing; whorls and vortices of change, a constant shifting of wood, stone, and steel. Scaffolds, cranes, and high vis become symbols of change in the urban sprawl. The nature of this augmentation is driven by the imaginations of those who dwell within it. In recent years Leith Walk has seen a surge of cultural rallying points. There are currently more establishments encouraging and promoting the arts here than ever before.

Which brings us to this unseasonably warm and damp autumn evening, tonight we’re at Leith Depot. This was once The Meridian and; despite its enigmatic and tumultuous past, it is now one of the cosiest purveyors of underground musical machinations in this capitals enigmatic enclave. And on this eve we have Lazy Day with Breakfast Muff & Hailey Beavis.

Opening the show we have local stalwart of the singer songwriter scene Hailey Beavis. The poise and good humour of this performance at once sets the mood for the evening. Hailey’s guitar work is suffused with a wonderful warmth of tone, impeccable rhythm, and thoughtful dynamics. Her lyrics are uplifting, heartfelt, and delivered with a distinct, lilting vocal style. The synergy between strings and voice creates a truly captivating live experience. Hailey can be found hosting The Critter Sessions fortnightly at Woodland Creatures on Leith Walk.

Next up were Breakfast Muff who epitomise what a band should be. They are a collective, they’re friends, they love what they do, and they work as one in mindful exploration of their art. Their performance was chaotic, eclectic, and fierce, a fine display of post-punk perspicacity. They bounced from song to song, instrument to instrument, style to style. This gregarious assortment of talented, multi instrumentalists sang together beautifully. Their songsmithery takes us on a journey of modern day existence as an oft marginalised fringe member of the mammalian elite. They have recently released a great album Eurgh, and they’re on an October tour!

This was followed Lazy Day on the Leith outing of their debut EP. Lazy Day are immaculate in the presentation of their work, they moved seamlessly through their set. The depth of noise fills the air with an almost tangible tactility. The driving, dreamy, and soulful sounds they sculpt really highlight the thoughtfulness behind their compositions. Tilly Scantlebury’s lyrics and emotionally evocative drawl mix brilliantly with the bands shoegaze soundscape. They’re also as tight as a nun’s grasp of complex theology. You can own your very own copy of Ribbons (Lost Map Records) at this very moment, it’s also available on vinyl.

So yet another well put together celebration of the ecstatic and visionary arts; a great way to spend a Wednesday evening. I look forward to seeing the future creations of these artists, and I thank them for their continued participation the ever mutable cultural landscape.

Photo courtesy of Alice Sinclair.

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