Blues maestro Walter Trout returns with a fourteen track stomper of an album showcasing the finest blues known to man. Aided by a stellar cast of respected musicians (John Mayall himself makes an appearance), Trout rings a lot of mileage out of the classic blues structure.

Opener Gonna Hurt Like Hell is admittedly slightly too staid for my tastes, and might prepare the listener for an album that tries too hard to be trad, but luckily someone hits the “rock” button somewhere around Other Side Of The Pillow. The album pleasingly sticks to overdriven blues solos that displays the musicianship in a respectable light, rather than allow them room for exhausting fret indulgence.

Highlights include She Listens To The Blackbird Sing, the straight-up no frills jam of Somebody Goin’ Down, and Trout and Warren Hayes’ slide work on The Sky Is Crying.

Luckily for dem Blues, Walter Trout can always be depended upon to keep the fire burning, and he does so here with gusto that is hard to resist. I dare you to try not tapping your feet to this album.

Walter Trout’s We’re All In This Together was released on 1st September via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.