Siobhan Wilson took to the stage of Edinburgh’s torturously hot Voodoo Rooms to play tracks from new album, There Are No Saints. Slick, almost flawless, this set almost had the crowd begging for more (had it not been for the warmth of the gig room). Playing to a pretty packed out venue, she charismatically held that stage whilst playing tracks such as Make You Mine and Dark Matter.

Supported by a couple of artists including Jamie from Broken Records, there was much anticipation for Siobhan with the acclaim that her album has brought her this year. Known previously as Ella the Bird, There Are No Saints is Wilson’s sophomore album under this name, and has certainly seen a shift in her crowd and support, as I’ve noted Green Man performances and sold out gigs this year.

Whimsical, elusive, enigmatic, Wilson charmingly holds that stage as a songstress with much to sing about, whether in English or French. Tantalizingly mesmerising, her quirks and timing are spot on, as she impresses us all with her classically trained vocals and guitar. My only criticisms concern the venue, as it was alarmingly warm as we all huddled in together for an hour’s heat-wave, but huddled we did as she did entertain us during that moment.

This name is not going to whimper off anytime soon. Siobhan Wilson, Siobhan Wilson, Siobhan Wilson – you might as well let this seep in, as with lyrics and performances from what I’ve seen this year, she’s a lass that is here to stay in this Scottish music scene. Beguiling, inscrutable, I am curious what is next on her agenda, as it will no doubt be more than decent.

For more on Siobhan Wilson and her tour do click here. There Are No Saints was released via Song By Toad on 14th July 2017.