Celebrating the birth and existence of Liverpool based Modern Sky UK, they have launched a 10” vinyl sampler, giving a brief showcase of their eclectic roster. This will be the premiere offering, opening the doors for a string of ferociously northern signings. The release follows an exciting beginning to 2017 for the Liverpool based independent record label that has a growing list of art-driven artists.

The four-track sampler record somewhat reflects the previously stated Modern Sky ethos about bringing together artists who are driven and passionate about their art and music and spreading this to aficionados in those fields. The sampler begins with the energy of Catholic Action’s Doing Well, which is inundated with catchy riffs. Certainly toe-tapping the song is a satire about being okay post break-up with lyrics such as “caught up in your fishnets I choke upon your name.”

Violet Youth’s Lucid Dreams adds a more sedate, ambient sound to the record, which surprises and builds with thrashed out guitars. Next on the record we delve into the synthesized warped world of FUSS with Fluff which includes lyrics like “if you do those things for me I will do these things for you.” Fluff, precisely. The record concludes with the sparkling pop of Pixey’s Hometown which is catchy and repetitive in its style. As aforementioned this record evidently highlights the eclecticism of the talent that are signed to this indie label.

Available on Spotify the four-track release will also have a limited run of heavyweight 10” vinyl on a variety of different coloured sleeves. Linking to their Chinese parent company Modern Sky Entertainment the colours are inspired by the colours of the Chinese elements. The script on the front of the sleeve is written in braille and is to symbolize leading the blind into the light. Modern Sky UK is headed up by David Pichilingi who has a long and illustrious career within many areas of the British music scene. The team has a key focus to work with a number of UK artists primarily within the North of England and Scotland. The primary label works with artists on large releases while the newly launched Modern Sky: Boutique will champion truly emerging talent.

With an ethos set in becoming a beacon in the UK leftfield scene, I am sure that this roster is only going to grow in its eclecticism. An interesting array of talent, it’s worth giving this sampler a spin.

Modern Sky’s sampler, The Future Influences The Present Just As Much As The Past is available to stream here.