The Edinburgh International Book Festival is fabulous for throwing some curveballs into their programme, and this event was precisely that, bringing in a different audience than usual and keeping things live, fresh and damn right funny. You need only look at Brian Limond’s – or Limmy, as most of us know him – website to get a sense of his humour, where you’ll be barraged by insults as you try to click on what you may think is the “enter site” area.

Brian “Limmy” Limond is a Scottish comedian and actor who first became known for his website and blog. In late 2006, his daily podcast Limmy’s World of Glasgow received interest from the mainstream British media. In early 2010, Limond achieved success with his BBC sketch show series Limmy’s Show. He is also renowned for being a prolific user of the social networking applications Twitter, YouTube and Vine, using these platforms to develop his character and further adding to his story, bulking up this successful façade and ensuring gigs like these are sold out.

Speaking at the Book Festival about his new publication of short stories, That’s Your Lot, Limmy appealed to his crowd that were expecting giggles and sniggers, insults and profanities, as well as those that wanted to hear from the book. Many of his stories appeared to be somewhat autobiographical as he told us several with anecdotes of the “real” story thrown in for good measure. Taxi Pal seemed to be influenced by a time he was trying to pitch a show down in London (unsuccessfully, as he embellishes his failures for comedic effect), which has many interesting turns and twists as you continue to listen to the journey of this tale.

It would be an understatement to say that we were entertained for that hour in the Baillie Gifford Main Theatre with readings and the anticipated Q&A. I was tickled, and left in fine humour, all set for the EIBF launch party that was to follow. The book festival programme should certainly include fresh and funny events such as these to keep us on our toes and to continue to engage wider audiences.

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