Kiki and Bobo’s Super Surprise is as much a surprise for young readers as it is for the delightfully cute characters in this uplifting story. Grown-ups; you may sniff out where the narrative is going from the off but don’t spoil the surprise! Drawn by award-winning illustrator and author Yasmeen Ismail, this book is as cheerful as they come with bold bright colours, animated conversation and endearing childlike drawings.

A sense of anticipation and excitement begins from the first page. With just a glimpse of Kiki and Bobo, children will quickly realise they have to open the giant flap of cardboard tablecloth to find out what these two cheerful chums are eating for their breakfast; guaranteed to kindle a child’s curiosity. Folding down the flap reveals a breakfast banquet of eggs and honey and cheese with even more flaps to peep under. What could be beneath the grapefruit or the jam on toast I hear you ask? There’s only one way to find out…

This imaginative story begins with the discovery that it’s a special day, but why and for whom we don’t know. Bobo does but he won’t tell Kiki. While he scurries off to the shops, Kiki decides it must be special because it’s Bobo’s birthday. And so our jolly companions each set about planning a surprise that will knock each other’s (sweetly drawn) little flip-flops off. Kiki begins by making a cake; get flap happy with the milk, eggs, mixing bowl and clock to reveal a kitchen-full of illustrated treats. Don’t miss the sneaky mouse eating his lunch under the table! Meanwhile our dungaree-wearing dog, Bobo is gazing up at shelves stocked with spaghetti, sausages and cakes all hiding their own secrets behind more lift-up flaps. At this juncture it is safe to assume this is a ‘lift-the-flap’ book.

By now Kiki is blowing up balloons and changing from checked shirt to pink party frock, while Bobo is buying a special gift. A peek under this flap is the literary equivalent of prodding your secretly stashed presents hidden under Mum and Dad’s bed the night before your birthday. As the story follows Kiki and Bobo’s extravagant preparations the flap fun continues on every page uncovering edible delights, snoozing animals and a wardrobe filled with a rather eclectic range of fashions (presumably Bobo’s).

Kids are sure to love the surprise ending of this spirited and fun, flap-filled book.

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Kiki and Bobo’s Super Surprise by Yasmeen Ismail.

Kiki and Bobo’s Super Surprise was published by Walker Books on 6th July 2017.