Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains prove time and time again that they are an adaptable, versatile, yet always energetic band of talent, and this time round it was in Edinburgh’s Summerhall that they did so, playing as part of the Nothing Ever Happens Here programme of events. Supported by their friends, the duo known as RAZA, Fránçois Marry, Amaury Ranger, Gerard Black and the guys played to a crowd psyched to catch them in the Dissection Room of Edinburgh’s old veterinary college.

RAZA were first on, their lineup for the evening consisting of Bertrand Auguste Mougel and Gavin Bruce Thomson, with Thomson on synth and Moguel on drums. Their set was intense, possessing something of a Scott Pilgrim vs the World vibe to it. Dressed in boiler suits, they conducted a battle between electronics and percussion. The sound was immense and despite the heated debate between instruments, they often juxtaposed effectively, solidifying RAZA as another band on our radar.

Fránçois then kicked their astounding set off with the single Grand Dereglement from their most recent album, Solide Mirage, at which point some in the audience dusted off their stiff limbs and got their dancing shoes on. For a band that have been on the road non-stop recently, their ability to infuse an energy into the crowd has clearly not been hindered, as the crowd warm up to tracks such as Après Après, La Verité, Les Plus Beaux and Piscine. Electronically playful, rhythmic, often euphoric, this is a band that transcends many genres. It was also great to see that previous Atlas Mountain, Gerard Black (known also for Glasgow band, Babe) was back in the band, on form and hitting those delicate falsetto chords.

A wonderful injection of energy halfway through the Fringe, I could not suggest anything better as a cure for overworked exhaustion.

Photos are courtesy of C. I. Campbell.

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