Lucy Cousins has done it again – gifted us with another timeless adventure starring Maisy Mouse. First created by Lucy in 1990, Maisy is one of the few characters from the world of children’s illustration to remain both unchanged and steadfastly on our bookshelves. The bold illustrations, predominantly composed of primary colours, continue to shout at us from the shelves of our local bookshops. It should come as no surprise that Lucy has once again taken an incredibly simple, everyday experience and transformed it into an exciting, colourful adventure.

“Today Maisy is going to the bookshop…”

I must admit I approached this book quite sceptically. Don’t get me wrong, I love books and I love bookshops, and Lucy Cousins has not disappointed me yet. But I wondered what could honestly be said about bookshops and books that wasn’t already said in Maisy Goes to the Library?

My scepticism didn’t last long though, as the excitement exuding from the pages of this book quickly made itself clear to me. I recognised the sense of awe and wonderment found within every child on their first visit to the bookshop reflected in the simplicity of the word “WOW!”. That time when they first find themselves, not confronted by a meagre handful of books like they might see at home, but surrounded by a multitude of bookshelves, each bursting with books and sagging under their weight. This sense of wonder continues for Maisy as she encounters the tremendous variety of books to be discovered and recognises that there is something hidden amongst the shelves for everyone.

This is a book about books, yes. But it is more than that. In in this book we find Maisy on a journey of discovery as she learns several important things:

Books are for reading.
Books are for learning.
Books are for imagining.
Books are for sharing.
Books are for gifting.
And books are for enjoying again and again.

So lay down your iPads and Kindles and get yourself comfortable because this is a book for book lovers. One to tuck your little book bug under the covers with at night. It is a book quite simply for sharing, “over and over again…and out LOUD!”

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Maisy Goes To The Bookshop by Lucy Cousins.

Maisy Goes To The Bookshop was published on 1st June 2017 by Walker Books.