Have you ever seen a fire tornado? ‘Cause I have. And in controlled circumstances with no risk to life its really pretty awesome. The Glasgow Science Centre Lates are part of the trend for opening normally child friendly sites up to adults only. It can be a token effort and sometimes really crap (*cough* zoo night) but GSC have knocked it out the park. The centre on an average day has plenty to be amused by especially if you enjoy pitting yourself against children in challenges of  mental dexterity and physical strength, but Lates hasn’t merely added alcohol to the mix, it’s curated to a different audience and it’s done well. The pure random science show with aforementioned tornado was brilliantly hosted by Janine with a French degree (and probably a PhD) rocket balloons, dry ice, a great sound track and receptive audience added to a nippy thirty or so minutes with genuine scientific interest. Another named Superhero Science doesn’t have the whizz and bang but it does delve into the science of a superhero (obviously) with enthusiasm and I have been prompted to find an ethically sourced adorable gecko in order to work how Spidey does his wall climb thing.

There were also actual real life scientists with whom one could engage on a range of topics. A silent disco provided self conscious grooving and all the usual exhibits had fewer queues and grownups who generally understood the etiquette of waiting your turn and surrendering the timed sprint when the results had come in.

We see people on what looked like first dates and fiftieth dates. Everyone clocked in at over twenty but a few much older attendants showed the thirst for knowledge does not disappear over time.

There was booze, and it was plentiful. Sciencey themed cocktails and beer including some local tastes care of JawBrew. Queues were well handled by great staff and there were hot dogs. Everything priced slightly higher than you would pay at the average pub, but not at a resentful rates.

And a special guest appearance from a Nao robot, he’s tiny but does the macarena, topped it all off.

It’s £15 in and runs from 6 to 10.30.

Photos courtesy of Martin Shields.

For more on the Glasgow Science Centre and their programme visit here.