Telling the tale of Nancy and her dog, Roger, as they travel across London in the hope of returning a lost teddy, No, Nancy, No! is a fast paced, action packed adventure. Weaving in and out of lift-the-flaps and pop-ups through the city’s bustling streets, this story is a perfect introduction to the wonders of London’s iconic landmarks.

As Nancy races through the book looking for the owners of the lost teddy, she creates a ruckus everywhere she goes leaving complete chaos in her wake. From scaring pigeons into a flurry of mayhem to painting murals on the sides of London buses and even going so far as to play dress-up with the crown jewels at the Tower of London, Nancy is sure to keep readers wondering what on earth she will get up to next.

As the book progresses we see the growing crowd of enraged followers chasing after her in hot pursuit and become curious as to who else has joined in the chase. This book delighted my four year old who sat on the edge of his seat wondering whether Nancy would succeed in her mission of returning the lost teddy to the children getting lost in every crowd or whether her pursuers would catch up with her first.

Although the plot seems somewhat far-fetched at times, the excitement of the chase and sense of adventure will most likely captivate an inquisitive audience. Meanwhile the quirky details and little snippets of humour in each illustration will certainly encourage the reader to return to pour over it’s pages in anticipation of what else may have been missed. These detailed illustrations certainly contributed towards enthralling my children to the busyness of city living and especially the attractions and sights of London which are a stark contrast to our life in rural Scotland.

Image courtesy of Walker Books, who have published No, Nancy, No! by Alice Tait.

No, Nancy, No!, published by Walker Books, is out now.