The first album by Meadowlark comes complete with a polish from ex-Massive Attack, Chvches and U2 collaborator Spike Stent, and it’s easy to see what drew him to the Bristol duo. The well-crafted songs here make this a refined choice for your listening pleasure this summer, once you’ve tired of Lorde.

There’s a lot of looking into the past here (opener Headlights: “Did I say I love you?” Did you ever see me for who I wanted to be?”), and musically we’re going back as far as Eva Cassidy by way of Bloc Party with a light dose of eighties synth, as vocalist and songwriter Kate McGill’s lovely and lovelorn melodies chime with guitarist Dan Broadley’s palm-muted, reverb-laden picking. Sunlight, gliding along like a more refined Dua Lipa, solidifies the sunset-at-a-festival vibe of the rest of the album, which is maintained by strong tracks like Eyes Wide and Body Lose. Slick production aside, everything here contains enough drama and sensuality to sound like McGill is trying to recreate a Bronte novel (from Satellite: “the thought of your skin on mine was enough to break me down”) and pleasingly recalls Goldfrapp’s prime era.

There are lulls; mid-album instrumental Interlude carries echoes of Mogwai’s Autorock, but without the crescendo, and That’s Life comes off like mid-era Coldplay, avec the mopey piano and sans the redemptive guitar riff to wake you up. These are minor blips, however, and are forgotten by the time the gorgeous Postcards closes what is a fine debut.

Postcards is out on Friday 30th June via All Points.