Walking out of Glasgow’s vegan café with an ear buzz I have not felt since the days of naively standing next to the speakers at Barrowland gigs, it was questionable whether the gig was worth the possible damage. However, witnessing Martin Creed-sounding two piece from Glasgow, Gift Horse, play their first ever performance alongside the highly formidable The Wrong Boyfriends and playful The Bucky Rage, as they somewhat allowed their gig to get hijacked by a drunken football fan, there was an element of beguile about the eve.

Gift Horse kicked off the late set with repetitive drums and discord and fresh guitar riffs. Audrey Bizouerne and David Maxwell, Gift Horse, the duo who met early in 2016 when both quite new to Glasgow, took us by surprise for a first gig. All the greats at one point, however, all had a first. Half packed for the first of a three band line up, it was a relief to be out of a city sporting Saltire and lion rampant flags, kilts and tartan. Playing a short set including song, Reverse Lobster, a track aptly about GM seafood (we are in the 13th Note after all, Glasgow’s Vegan Café), we were thrown into the nineties at points where they stepped into grunge, all with a soulful punch.

Next up was The Wrong Boyfriends and it did not take us long to realise what inspired this name, as I immediately regretted not bringing a pair of ear buds. The frustrated sound man looked on as we all endured this wall of screechy noise from lead guitarist, Sean Murphy, with somewhat of a bassy, Morricone-inspired layer underneath. That layer might have just worked alone with drums (David Maxwell) and bass (Peter Knox), as far as my own music taste goes, and delicate ears, edging on the side of cinematic. However, we patiently waited until the wall of noise, lacking charm, concluded and were grateful for the pop-punk that was yet to grace the venue in the shape of The Bucky Rage.

Up to their usual novel shenanigans, playing to their fans and regulars, promoting tracks from LP, F.Y.I. Luv U, there was much to anticipate and expect from this set. Opening their set with Peter Gunn with their usual insane energy, and incorporating Dr Dre USA, my favourite, Hippy S**t, and finishing with We’re All Damned, they were predictably manic, cynical, angularly punk, and kept us dancing. What was perhaps not quite so predictable was the actions of their heckling old band member, and someone that got lost en route home from the football. Not far from eventful, I think I will be bringing ear buds with me next time to a gig on this scale.

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