Releasing her third album, Icelander, Sóley has consistently held a melancholic sound with utterances of hope, much like an Icelandic summer. Endless Summer is out today, eight short little tracks of both entrancing yet unsettling piano playing offset by her dulcet vocals and complimented by tiny orchestra arrangements. Decadent and haunting, this new release should keep her fans satisfied and see her in good stead with much of the critics.

Her latest offering is a glimmer of warmth at the end of a long winter, the immersion of the soring beginnings and a slice of optimism. Following the heavy organs, synths, and minor keys of her last album, Ask The Deep, there is a delicacy and vulnerability with this new record that comes from the melody, the harmony that is very much present. Written over the period of a year together with her long-time friend and collaborator Albert Finnbogason, Endless Summer by Sóley sees the acclaimed Icelandic musician explore a more incandescent place with her song-writing.

Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Sóley, or Sóley Stefánsdóttir was born just outside of Reykjavik. Having studied classical and jazz style piano as a child and later went to the Icelandic Art Academy to study composition it is hardly surprising she has become a proficient pianist and guitarist. She became part of the seven-piece Icelandic indie-folk band, Seabear, in 2006, she found her feet solo in 2010 under the same label, Morr Music releasing her first EP, Theater Island. Since then she has released two further albums and have indulged her audience this Spring with this new title, Endless Summer.

Opening track Úa, which has been named after her young daughter, is melodic yet melancholic with hopeful elements. Reminiscent of the work of Joanna Newsom, Nina Nastasia or Agnes Obel, this track sets the tone of the album, with lyrics like “stay my dear because I will be gone a while”. Never Cry Moon, features the sound of clarinet, trombone and cello which offset Sóley’s piano playing, nicely, adding a rich layer to her lilting vocals, providing dark undertones to the song. With the album’s title track, Endless Summer, Sóley takes her listener to a blissful place, asking: “Did you see the stars?/Did you see the sun come up?/You can find me in the flowers/You can find yourself some peace.”

Stunningly poignant with a romanticised approach, this new release is an injection of vitamin D, one that many Icelanders require at the conclusion of a long winter, and one for a listen.

Endless Summer is out today on Morr Music. Click here for more information.