Kicking off their set with their heavily guitar-led This Is Where I Fall, ULTRAS laid the groundwork for a great night of music, an impassioned song, with no wavering on the vocals. Supporting both Edinburgh’s Mt Doubt and the populist Pronto Mama, the talent of Gavin Prentice, Roy Mohan Shearer and Matthew Clark certainly set the bar as we were witness to a tight set from the Glasgow guys.

Unfortunately playing to no more than thirty it was disappointing to see ULTRAS at the bottom of a programme of music, kicking off at 8pm. An incredibly hard-working band, led by the multi-instrumentalist Prentice, who was previously in Over The Wall, unquestionably deserving of a bigger crowd but this did not phase the boys as they made their forty minutes on stage enjoyable and an absolute pleasure. You’ve a Foul Mouth, John Barleycorn had a bit of hip-sway from the audience and The Path to Getting Paid showcased the more political elements of their music, with lyrics like “they’ll tell you this and pin your arms down.”

Incorporating guitar slides, samples and technically proficient drumming from Shearer, ULTRAS perhaps should have sat further up this programme of music. However, next on the list was Mt Doubt, looking perhaps like a Scottish Balthrop, Alabama, with a lovely sound, but with vocals not entirely to my taste. With front-man, Leo Bargery’s vocals somewhat reminiscent of Dire Strait’s Mark Knopfler or Deacon Blue, my ears were keen to hear more of the vocals of their backing vocalist. However, it is safe to say that with blaring guitars and raw lyrics the talent is there. Just not to my taste. With much acclaim for their recently released track, Reference Books, there is receptive response from the Paisley crowd.

Last on the bill, and headlining, Pronto Mama filled that Bungalow stage, with six of them playing a wide range of instruments, triangle, drums, guitars, keyboards, the occasional trumpet to name a few. Similar to Mt Doubt, there is clearly no shortage of talent on stage, but a revision of leading vocalist might be worth a thought. Playing tracks like Double Speak, we were reminded of this band’s recent album success in Scottish sales. Pronto Mama hail from Glasgow with music built around the songs written by Marc Rooney and Ciaran McEneny. Lyrical, culminating a live discord that pleases the audience, the floor has been eaten up by people for this band’s performance.

However, this does not take away from original point. Musically rich in their contagious electro-indie offering, ULTRAS held my attention for the night, entranced by their reflective guitar-led art, lamenting the disgusting elements of today’s society.

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