A charming lift-the-flap story book for pre-school children starring the delightful Kiki and Bobo that speaks the benefits of honesty, Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day is the most recent from Bristol-based author and illustrator, Yasmeen Ismail. The delightful duo through their interaction, well-thought-through narrative and interaction highlight that truth always leads to the best outcome with this seaside tale.

The outgoing Kiki and reserved Bobo head for a day at the seaside with Kiki determined to get to the beach and swim in the sea. But Bobo is not as excited about their sunny day out, coyly hinting that he would rather be elsewhere. When they arrive at the beach, there are also an ample amount of excuses made for jumping into the sea, when it all boils down to something very simple, something he seems too reserved to admit.

Illustrated and written by the award-winning Yasmeen Ismail, who has won The New York Times’ Best Illustrated Book Award and the V&A Best Illustrated Book Award, Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day is a joy to read with many flaps for the reader to uncover and read more into the story, unearthing details. Irish-born, Yasmeen Ismail studied at art school in her hometown, Dublin. After graduating, Yasmeen moved to London where she worked on many different projects ranging from advertising and short films before moving to children’s publishing. Vivid, fluid, and visceral, Ismail is known for her books, Inside, Outside, Upside Down and I’m a Girl. She uses a range of watercolours and inks as well as all sorts of other mediums, and is versatile in her work. Mostly, she keeps it delightful.

This is no exception. The characters are relatable, encouraging children to speak up about their fears, whilst also heightening their excitement of the season that is encroaching upon us. Ice-cream, sandcastles, sea shells and swimming are all incorporated to this seaside story, with fun illustration and many flaps to lift. How could Ismail go wrong with this Kiki and Bobo book? She, frankly, doesn’t.

All images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day by Yasmeen Ismail.

Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day, published by Walker Books, was published on 4th May 2017.