From the writer of The Girl with the Parrot on her Head comes a fresh, warm-hearted tale of finding new friendship and solace. Daisy Hirst, one of the most exciting new voices in children’s storytelling, introduces two brilliant characters with Runaway Baby and Hilda, who not only come across as conceivable but also depict the classic bond between animals and babies, and the sincere trust that they can develop.

In Hilda and the Runaway Baby, a pot-bellied pig, Hilda, lives at the foot of a hill, where life is monotonous and she is acquainted well with solitude. At the top of the hill, in suburbia, lives a roguish baby who is never ever where people expect him to be, thus why he is known as the Runaway Baby. Their paths, albeit unlikely to collide, do once Runaway Baby finds himself high-speed escapade in a pram, and Hilda, noticing, comes to the rescue. Developing a bond and a friendship from this frightening moment of survival, Hilda and Runaway Baby become inseparable.

Daisy Hirst, a graduate of both Warwick University’s English and Creative Writing course and Cambridge School of Art’s Illustration course, has won the Lara Jones award in the Macmillan Prize for The Runaway Baby. Her debut picture book, The Girl with the Parrot on her Head was selected as The Times’ children’s book of the week, whilst her second, Alphonse, That is Not OK to Do!, has been translated into nine different languages.

With a flair for illustration in it’s simple form, three year olds should succumb to the charm of Daisy Hirst’s style. Distinctive and memorable, she moulds somewhat surreal worlds for children, in which the characters are often conceivable and the predicament anticipated, and in this case heartwarming. Hilda can most certainly come and look after me anytime, displaying such altruism and kindness, along with her desire for companionship. Runaway Baby is an authentically true creation, as he often wonders, distracted by the actions of animals, possessing also a primitive form of giving.

A succinctly told tale of friendship and camaraderie.

All images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Hilda and the Runaway Baby by Daisy Hirst.

Hilda and the Runaway Baby was published on 2nd February 2017.