Having gained infamy over the past few years through releasing a series of EPs and collaborations, last July Jamie Isaac released his acclaimed debut album, Couch Baby. This month the South London songwriter and producer will be embark on his first U.S. tour, and to celebrate he has also dropped a deluxe version of the album, Couch Baby (Revisited).

Alongside features from Wiki and Sporting Life, Allan Kingdom, Florida new kid Denzel Curry, and the assurgent Salomon Faye, this alternative Couch Baby echoes Jamie’s ‘Loose Grip’ mixtape with featured comrades, tour mates and collaborators King Krule and Rejjie Snow, and was beautifully launched with a now legendary floor-filling Boiler Room.

His seductive piano with a minimalist feel comes across equally on this new version of the album. Find My Words is a fantastic song, which lyrically works; “That I’m alone is enough for her to break and that’s okay.” CNT U SEE works his minimalist jazz sound, albeit avant-garde. Lyrics such as “my tears won’t flow against her will” are sung by Isaacs melodious vocals with this build of instrumentation laying the backdrop to the track.

Last Drip is a dive into synth and waves, with a throwback and a nod to eighties lounge, raw but with female orgasmic sounds backing. An album of dulcet tones. Glossy piano merged with brass, and synth, Beauty is precisely that; “I will never break for this chase that I’ve been craving.” A super chilled ambient track, Couch Baby Interlude with lyrics such as “don’t you worry baby, I see you smiling at me baby,” adds a wonderful touch to the revisited album.  Pigeon, an ambient, electronic-heavy track, lures the listener with poetry such as “I’ve been waiting for someone like you.” Surprisingly discordant yet also melodic to some extent, All My Days keeps us listening purely to hear Isaac’s honeyed down voice.

Also notable on the deluxe version is Isaac’s stunning take on Alicia Keys’ Un-thinkable, a beautiful extension of his unique style of soulful down-tempo electronica. Meticulously crafted, Isaac’s minimal yet glistening piano, laid-back beat and dulcet vocal provide the perfect antidote to mid-winter melancholia, adding a boost of vitamin D.

Out today, stream, buy, pre-order Jamie Isaac’s Couch Baby (Revisited) here.