For the first night of the 6 Music Festival, there was a buzz surrounding this gig at Glasgow’s O2 Academy that was almost impossible to shake off. The crowd were eager and keen to be pleased by this excitingly electronic gig of performance, and delightful moments. With Future Islands, Sparks and Goldfrapp on the bill it was difficult not to be immersed and stunned by these bands.

Kicking off with Future Islands at the early time of 6:50pm to an already packed crowd, there was a sense that the city had come out in force to ensure that they were entertained and got their ticket’s worth, for these were not easy tickets to obtain. Sam Herring, the band’s vocalist, made it worth their while to come down early for this one, as there were squats and thrusts aplenty. The crowd were more than nicely warmed. They predictably peaked whilst Future Islands played Seasons (Waiting On You), all in admiration at Herring’s ‘gallus’ moves, rendering him somewhat of a modern-day Elvis.

After a spell of Radio 6 DJ, Don Letts, doing precisely that, we were next indulged with a set by Sparks. The long-standing American pop band formed in Los Angeles in 1971 by brothers Ron and Russell Mael, and are most renowned for not only their idiosyncratic style but also This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both Of Us. Jaunty, eccentric, theatrical, the band walked on stage in stripes, bar Ron who rather stiffly sat down to his keyboard in black trousers and white shirt. Hippopotamus, a track from their new album, post their collaboration with Franz Ferdinand (FFS), has a playful, childlike sound, a song about a hippopotamus being in their room, and the silliness transcends to the audience, which you notice as you look around at their shapes and moves. The toe-tapping anthemic aspect to the performance continues, as Ron gets up from his keyboard and takes to the stage for a silent dance, reminiscent of Christopher Walken in that Fatboy Slim video. Altogether, very entertaining and this was certainly evident from the crowd’s reaction.

After an overly long DJ set from Don Letts, Alison and the rest of Goldfrapp take to the stage, allowing enough time for the Glasgow audience to get undoubtedly more rowdy on a Friday night. Dressed all in red, hair, PVC catsuit and poncho to match, she stunned the audience, as she held the stage. Playing tracks like Anymore and Twist,  the band did their upmost to continue that buzz from Future Islands and Sparks. However, the bar had been set too high and Goldfrapp were just a little too ambient to follow this lead. However, the music from both Alison and band was flawless, technically, just a little anti climatic. A fantastic night of music from the BBC 6 Music team.

All photos are courtesy of Tricia Yourkevich.