It is clear from the offset in this new restaurant to hit Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square that customer service is a priority as you hit the Dishoom. Attentive, welcoming from the get-go with a confident air and knowledge about what they offer that makes you feel at ease as soon as you arrive, the staff in this venue take the process in their stride.

In many chain restaurants, there can often be one stressed member of staff juggling several tasks but there is certainly a more relaxed approach to this eatery, having recently opened it’s first Edinburgh and also Scottish branch, eventually moving outside of the Londonian circles. Being offered a prime spot in the Bombay cafe, with a St Andrew Square window view the staff made us feel warmly welcomed and somewhat well-treated.

Opting firstly for the House Chai (when in Rome) and a fresh Ruby- Red Grapefruit juice, the palate was fresh yet sweet, thirst quenched and ready for the feast that was about to present itself, in under fifteen minutes of ordering.

Having inquired with the staff about their own personal favourites in the Breakfast menu, we indulgently ordered the Sausage and Egg Naan Roll as well as the laden Big Bombay, which featured Akuri, masala baked beans and the buttered pau buns, making this a Bombay cafe treat, somewhat unique to your average brunch or breakfast.

Arriving with a smile and the offer of a refill of Chai, it was evident that the staff were more than willing to actually look after their customers, chat to them enthusiastically and excitedly about the food on offer, and the various sides to Dishoom, as it not only caters for brunch-eaters. There is a bar, lunch and dinner menu in this vast building which overwhelms with its magnificent decor and luscious details.

The big breakfast itself is great, arriving still warm, with the Akuri adding an extra layer of heat, adding to the flavour and satisfaction in the dish. However, the specialty that I recommend you all request from this new bistro is their breakfast Naan Rolls. There are chutneys that come with this treat, adding to the individuality of this simple yet tasty, one I will most definitely be ordering again.

And yet, the highlight of this visit and experience was certainly in the service and the staff and I doubt your visit will see you looking for more from this relaxed and friendly team.

Photos by Jen McClure