Post-rockers Thought Forms release their most confident album yet, Songs About Drowning, this Friday, resonant with dark lyrical imagery. Three years since the release of their acclaimed album Ghost Mountain the band has returned with an album aided by the inclusion of Portishead producer and bassist Jim Barr, and released by Invada Records.

Thought Forms have created a wonderful record with this release, with their layered soundscapes and exploratory habits. The hard work and graft is clear with this band, as they have built up their reputation through touring and gigging, enhancing their sound and enabling their strength in sonic introspection. Charli’s vocals haunt, reluctantly, whilst the guitar of Deej and Charli is a little more sparing when filling the void with their raw riffs. Then Guy Metcalfe’s drumming which often restores order after momentary chaos of his own improvisation.

From Wiltshire, the band are like a fine cheese, in that they have matured with age and their yawning chasms of noise have only progressed since they set out. Hoisting it up a notch since Ghost Mountain, their newest cinematic, intoxicating release sets in stone their accomplished tone, and hits home that we are only yet to hear more definitive sounds from this four piece.

Cohesively dark and beguiling, with the production of Barr there is an atmosphere weaving throughout this record which holds together tracks such as the seemingly vicious Forget My Name and the more progressive By The Stars. Then there’s The Bridge which reminds me of a mature Thurston Moore, but also hypnotically drags the listener into their discord and the “contour of” Charli’s breath. Undoubtedly a hit when performed live.

Taking risks, yet holding tight, allowing for improvisation, yet pulling it back from chaos, this is an album which reminds us that these four are here to stay and spellbind for the time being. I can only look forward to more from this visceral Wiltshire effort.

Thought Forms are currently on an extended UK and European tour supporting 65 Days of Static before embarking on their own headlining tour in 2017. Details of which can be found here