The Madrid all-female four-piece, Hinds, are, yes, far from polished, but if I was to say the ladies had a following, I would be making a drastic understatement. The band formerly known as Deers took to the stage in Glasgow’s St Lukes and got precisely the reception any band would wish for; we saw two attempts of crowd-surfing (at least) and not by guys either.

Packed with a diverse audience from all walks, the band had the unfortunate luck of a blown amp, and a venue that less than catered for a gig of this size, which is odd, considering the acoustics of a church such as this. From the offset they seemed to be out of tune, and as the gig progressed, they were still out of tune but their fans, their audience were crazed and providing more than a toe-tap to tracks like Garden and Bamboo.

Earlier in the year, Hinds released their acclaimed debut album, Leave Me Alone and since then, have been on the go non-stop: selling out shows throughout the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Australia and delivering their signature, no-holds-barred live show at festivals internationally, and more.

Not for me but the band are indeed a homage to the universality of the DIY appeal and, as any observer would witness from the fans, reignite the enjoyment in slacker rock for music aficionados who don’t take it too seriously.

However, the sound in the venue did let them down and that took away the fun factor for me, but it would be interesting to see this band in another concert hall such as the Barrowlands or one in which they do get it right. It was not the only component that let them down as it was interesting to note that their photographer was taking photos with the flash on throughout the gig, which may just lean a little too much towards the do-it-yourself aesthetic albeit great to see that they did in fact have their own photographer on tour with them.

Keeping the party going they will no doubt re-inject the entertainment and energy into the four-piece dynamic in a way that they know well, as they make their way through their tour, including a date at London’s Kentish Town Forum. Let’s hope that these venues can cater for these girls in a way that St Luke’s could not.

To find out more about Hinds’ touring dates and album release visit their website.