With projected visuals that remind us of this band’s name, a loop of a gun being drawn, as well as those that correlate to the poetry being spoken, She Drew The Gun clearly host a plethora of creative talent. Playing at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint, the intimate venue gives us the opportunity to be drawn into Louisa Roach’s spoken word, performance, poetry and lyrical performance. With vocals as strong and as reflectively reminiscent as those of Courtney Barnett or Shea Seger we are yet to see more from this young singer, with her debut album, Memories of the Future, out this year.

Described by some as Scouse soul, it is easy to see that Louisa Roach and her band develop a following of fans, and understand why. Unassuming in her approach, her strength on stage lies in her lyrical content and strength of voice. As she performs the anthem, Poem, she repeats “am I the only one that’s grieving” a climatic moment at the gig. Politically charged, Louisa Roach is an evocative singer who refuses to fill the stage with ego and charisma, yet more stunning lyrics and a tight sound, which overwhelms the space. Between songs, Roach recited her poetry, which is an unforgiving commentary on the state of the UK and it’s political situation.

Mentioned previously in our interview with Louisa she had great anticipation for this gig, having enjoyed “awesome” gigs here prior and I think it’s safe to say that the packed out performance in The Hug and Pint would not have disappointed, as the crowd were gagging for more. There was a special amount of energy within the room as they played their cover of Sugababes’ Overload (with a Jefferson Airplane riff) and the folk song from the Sixties protest movement, Malvina Reynold’s No Hole In My Head, putting her own frustration and seductive stamp on the renditions.

With Mamatung supporting, the alluring hippy girl band also from Liverpool, playing glockenspiel and maracas , clearly influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, there was no shortage of magic surrounding this intimate gig in Glasgow’s west end. Do check out the lyrical prowess of Louisa Roach and She Drew The Gun should she perform here in the near future. It’s safe to say she will be on our radar for quite some time.

Photo by Nigel Deayton of Paisley Photoshop.