Bristol-born electronic music producer Henry Green is set to release his new album Half Light on July 3rd through Akira Records.

The artist, who toured with the likes of Nick Mulvey and London Grammar, produced the whole album himself from start to finish, and you can definitely hear the personal struggle within it.

Green has released some singles so far in anticipation of the whole album that are a much similar sound. With little to no outside input, tracks like All and Fabric deal with feelings of emotional struggle and self-exploration and are mellow and minimalistic.

Half Light is a product of the artist’s struggle with writers’ block and finding his place in the world and industry and his determination to continue fighting to do so. After the success of his previous EPs Slow (2015) and Real (2017), and his debut album Shift (2018), Green continues to write in his trade mark self-deprecating manner, but this time, ironically, with more confidence and ambitiousness.

Despite this album being produced nearly totally independently, Green features collaborations with artists Andreya Triana and Ghostly Kisses. Their sounds fuse beautifully and effortlessly on tracks Tide and Idle.

Half Light is tonally intimate and personal. Green has almost put the fears and anxieties that keep him up at night into lyrics and paired them with dreamy instrumentals. His lead single Realign is a cinematic track with soft percussions and glistening synths that are ambitious and an amplified version of his usual sound.

The album’s name describes the themes within it perfectly. The idea of being in the half light, like one foot in and one foot out and being almost there, fits in with the album’s subjects of self-doubt paired perfectly with his soft whispering vocals.

Although a lot of his tracks are soft and slow, they do not bore the listener. Instead, Green invites them into a world filled with his soft vocals and complimenting instrumentals.