ZOiD has been so incredibly busy, mostly with the release of his new single Wish You. Irish producer and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Jacobson, has done it again this time featuring Nigerian-Irish vocalist Esosa Ighodaro O’Brien and South African saxophonist Chris Engel. With this release and many other projects up his sleeve, Daniel spoke with The Fountain about music, plans and collaboration.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the response been like to Wish You

So far a very positive response from Irish radio DJs, including 2FM

TF: And can you sum up the track in one sentence? 

Saxophone, piano, guitar + 909 fuelled soul techno that tells the story of a young robot that leaves his small hometown to seek fame and fortune in a big city, but his friend (the singer of the song) tries to get over her feelings of rejection and wish him well (hence the title, Wish You).

TF: What was it like also working with Esosa and Chris on this single, did it have a particularly collaborative feel? 

I’ve worked with them both several times. Chris was in one of my bands, we once played a gig together at La Machine in Paris supporting Derrick May… ah memories.

During the first lockdown in Ireland, from March 2020, I started doing a lot of collaborations, emailing beats and ideas to musicians and singers and getting recordings back from them. Chris and Esosa both sent parts for this track back and forth several times, to get them just right. They were amazing, they’re both pros!

TF: What more can we look forward to from you the rest of the year?  

Another two singles are coming out from the ZONGS album project, each featuring a different vocalist, and each with a video. The next one is called Static which was written in collaboration with Suzanne Savage, an amazing singer from Belfast originally. Also working on two tracks with one of my favourite Irish producers Meljoann – both tracks feature a string quartet which might be ready this year! And there’s a ZOiD EP coming out on Irish label Frontend Synthetics. Also a track on a new label called Pen Pals I’m involved with, put together by some friends from Redrackem’s Patreon group How I Program. So quite a lot really.

TF: When can we next expect a live show from you now that venues and gigs are kicking off again?
Well my first gig in 2 years is happening this Sunday in a very special venue… on a farm in Wicklow. There’s a really cool barn there with a stage and lights and there’ll be a smoke machine and everything. It’s a duo set with a harpist Aisling Ennis, and I’ll be doing electronics on modular synth and synth-guitar. Hopefully more to come… Promoters, book us for a festival please! Video of barn set coming soon 🙂

Wish You is out now and available here: https://zoid.bandcamp.com/track/wish-you-feat-esosa.