The daughter of a Holocaust survivor has shared her mother’s story in a novel, Bound by the Scars We Share, which has been published by Troubador. Vivien Churney, from Liverpool, has written this novel tracing the lives of two young women surviving World War II, which is based on true events experienced by her mother, Sabine Spector. 

TF: You have written a book which was published by Troubador, what has the response been like? 

My novel Bound by the Scars We Share is published by Troubador and if you type my name in , there is a lot of information about me , the novel and reviews of the book.

TF: And can you tell us more about Bound by the Scars We Share, what can we expect from this novel? 

The novel chronicles the lives of two women who faced persecution and adversity from WW2 onwards. This compelling story, written in parallel portrays the traumatic lives of the protagonists as they courageously fight for survival in different ways. One of the women’s story is based on my Polish Jewish mother’s heroic efforts, as a member of the French Resistance movement, to help Jewish children escape from Nazi persecution during the Holocaust of WW2. She is Zoshia. The other character, Grace, is based in England battles to overcome personal abuse from her father, Uncle and her sadistic husband. The beautiful and richly written book effortlessly weaves the narrative back and forth between the two women’s stories.

This moving story highlights the suppression of a generation of women in an age of gender inequality but also conveys a universal theme of the struggle for freedom and identity. The novel also portrays the ways in which prejudice, racism and misogyny were so prevalent during that period. It is still relevant today. Bound by the Scars We Share conveys optimism and hope of the human soul.

TF: Where did the inspiration come from with this novel?

The inspiration for the novel came from my Polish Jewish mother who would relate her life as a Jewish woman in Antwerp, Belgium during WW 2. She swore me to secrecy and so I created the persona of Zoshia so that her story of her bravery would be told. Grace is every woman who struggles to survive from personal abuse in a patriarchal society. Both women connect through their courage.

TF: What else are you currently working on, can we expect another novel in the future? 

I am currently compiling a book of poetry and am working on my next novel about the female condition. I have a Masters Degree in English Literature and have taught English for many years. 

Bound by the Scars We Share is available now, published by Troubador

Photo courtesy of Angus Matheson