The Kecks, dubbed The Strokes of Hamburg by Consequence Of Sound, released their new single, Tonight Might Be Different, on the 27th August via Blaggers Records. The band, formed of Lennart Uschmann (Vocals), Sam Telford (Guitar), Kai Weidle (Drums) & Joel Phillips (Bass), have unleashed a new anthem and hence, Sam and Joel from the band spoke with The Fountain about the new music and future plans.

TF: You have a new single out via Blaggers Records. What has the reception been like to Tonight Might Be Different?

Samuel Telford: It’s been very positive! John Kennedy on Radio X said it is the best thing we’ve put out so far so we’re pretty chuffed.

Joel Phillips: Yes, it’s been pretty dope so far. New music royalty Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy have both given it a spin on BBC Radio 6 and Radio X. That’s definitely a good sign it’s not that shit ha!

TF: Can you sum up the track in one sentence?

Samuel Telford: A danceable, self-destructive, indie banger with an infectiously dirty disco groove.

Joel Phillips: A little ripper of a tune, that will hook you right in your ear holes!

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year?

Samuel Telford: We’re heading back to the studio to record with the master himself, Gordon Raphael, the producer of the first two Strokes albums. All focus is on writing, rehearsing and pre-production.

Joel Phillips: We are concentrating on new material at the moment. It’s still pretty bleak and locked down out here in Germany, so we are just locked away in our little bunker room like goblins, waiting for someone to let us out to play live again!

TF: When can we next expect a live show from you now that venues and gigs are kicking off again?

Samuel Telford: We just had our first show again since the continuous lockdowns at the best club in Hamburg called Molotow. And we are planning another Hamburg date before the end of the year and possibly some UK shows soon too. It’s tricky planning but we’re so keen to get out and play our new songs that we’ll find a way!

Joel Phillip: It was a pleasure to play our beloved Molotow again, but it was still heavily restricted. German authorities just dropped the restrictions for vaccinated concerts here actually so fingers crossed we should be back at Molotow on the 5th of November with the freedom to jump around, dance and get sweaty! Hopefully we don’t get hit with wave 437 of the virus or whatever and things keep progressing like they are. Otherwise, it might be a live stream from Sam’s room in our underpants, and nobody wants that!