Initiated and run by Scottish Music Centre and funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) and PRS Foundation, Hit The Road provides early stage musicians age 14-19 the opportunity to learn about the live industry before embarking on a professionally managed tour. Michael Cassidy, Hit The Road Project Manager, spoke with The Fountain about the project, what stage in the project they are at and who might be suited for this project, having helped many in their careers prior.

TF: Can you tell us more about Hit The Road? 

Hit the Road is a touring project for young Scottish musicians looking to go on their first professional tours around Scotland. Whilst on tour, they will meet professionals from all areas of the music industry. Its an amazing way to build your networks and learn some valuable new skills that will help you as you progress in your music career.

TF: And what stage in the project are you at? 

We just opened submissions a month ago and are currently taking in our first lot of artists and looking to book our first tour of this year’s project soon. Don’t worry though there is still loads of time to apply and we’re always taking submissions from new acts so if you don’t make a tour this year there are always future tours!

TF: What are you looking for in terms of youthful musicians?

We are looking for bright young musicians who write their own music and are ambitious and want to take their music to new audiences. We also want people who want to make new friends and are good natured. Some of the biggest successes we’ve had on Hit The Road has been the lasting friendships we’ve seen develop during and continue long after their participation on the tour.

TF: We have seen success from many that have previously done Hit The Road, do you have any aspiring ambitions and developments for the project?

We have had major success on the tour and seeing our former acts go on to bigger and better things is something we are immensely proud of but for us it’s just amazing to see people build new relationships and work together in large groups for maybe their first time in their life. These are skills they learn through Hit The Road and are so important for their future within the industry. When we see young people take these personal skills out into the world of professional music that is what we qualify as a success!

For more information on the project and to apply click on the link here