The winners of the annual Scotland Asian Restaurant Awards were announced last month by broadcast presenter Samantha Simmonds at a glittering award ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh in partnership with Just Eat. Harajuku Kitchen was a joint winner in the Japanese Restaurant category and therefore, The Fountain caught up with chef Kaori Simpson on what winning the award means as well as what the restaurant’s plans are along with surviving lockdown.

TF: You have won an award as part of the Scottish Asian Food Awards, you must be excited?  

Yes we are so happy and proud of our team. We had a very long lockdown and we all managed to survive.

TF: Can you tell us more about what that means and represents for you?  

It means a lot to our staff and our customers, who have been supporting us over the past two years. Having an award is like a huge present from everyone for our hard work.

TF: For those that don’t know Harajuku, what do you offer and can you give us a bit of background around the restaurant?

We are a Japanese restaurant that endeavours to use local produce as much as we can to support our farmers and community.  We thrive on making delicious Japanese food close to our home but using natural Scottish ingredients. We have an upbeat atmosphere in our restaurant. 

TF: After such a difficult couple of years, it must be such a nice positive thing, and hopefully business is doing well, what plans do you have for the end of the year and going into 2022?

Yes we are very busy at the moment and I am sure you know its still a tough time for hospitality. However, we would love to have another branch up on the north side of Edinburgh. 

For more on Harajuku Kitchen including reservations and takeaway there’s info here