Clair is that extraordinary thing: a musical artist that arrives not only fully formed, but with a completely mature sound. Her Earth Mothers may be a debut album, but its genesis takes in decades of life and musical experience, including right at the heart of Glasgow’s unique music scene. The Fountain caught up with Clair to discuss the amazing response this LP has had as well as her other side projects.

TF: You have a new album out, what can we expect from Earth Mothers

Be prepared to embark on a neo classical oddball journey through my world via field recordings of nature, random objects, blended with strings, percussion and horns, entwined with the energy of sex magick and shards of vocal.

TF: And what has the response been like to the LP? 

The response has been overwhelming, so many people I have respect musically have said such kind things, varying from Clint Mansell to JD Twitch, to Richard Norris, film composer Stephen Sharples to Luke Turner, Joe Muggs (who’s been a huuuuuge support, he invited me to guest on Worldwide FM off the back of the LP, same deal with Radio Buena Vida), plus some really supportive messages from various music journalists and well just music geeks really.

There’s also been some awesome reviews, including The Quietus, who were kind enough to include me in their Spools out section, then again in their ‘music of the month’ for August, Electronic sound (via the lovely James Thornhill) who gave me a feature in their stunning printed mag, which is like a work of art in itself, The Skinny & Is this Music have also been great, plus Boomkat blew meaway with their comments on it. One particular review that really got to me was a beautiful in depth piece by Bobby Gant for Iniquitous Glory, bit of an underrated publication, Bobby went in deep and really got it. Also some of the feedback on Bandcamp from music lovers after a 4 hour sell out of tapes on niche label The Darkoutside has been incredible.

I should also mention it was exciting to have the support of Kate Molleson who played me out on BBC3’s ‘new music’, she plays some really interesting experimental classical work, plus a number of amazing independent radio stations such as NTS, Melodic distraction, Resonance, Netil radio, Radio Matlock, Sunny G. It’s been a brilliant journey uncovering some stations I hadn’t properly checked out, although the real heroes are the DJs on them playing out the tunes, folks like Tom Furse (The Horrors), Nina Keh, Optimo, Alex Spiers, Simon Tucker, Graham Dunning, Maria Sommerville, Wrong Tom, all proper diggers with impeccable taste supporting artists. It’s been a real privilege to have those guys playing my freaky sounds out.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year?

Musically I need to wind it down a little for a while to focus on other projects, even though I’d love to just keep making music! It’s finding the time though, when it’s so hard to make a living from music as an independent artist. However, I’ve made a prelude to the track Queen Bee, which is hopefully going to be released on vinyl along with the LP, Earth Mothers has been out a couple of months now, but there’s still people asking me to sort vinyl. A DJ / producer pal is working on a radio edit for Tiger Queen, so hopefully that will be ready in a couple of weeks, he’s super busy and had covid, so running behind a bit, but will be worth the wait.

I’m also meant to be doing a collab with Rebecca Vasmant, just not had the time recently! But will get there eventually, if she’s not too famous by the time I get around to it, she’s on fire right now in the jazz world, her LP sold out before the sale date started, wild but deserved. Oh and I’m doing a mix for experimental label Bricolage, really interesting label in Glasgow, which hosts a beautiful local and global roster including Ambient Skyze.

There’s a couple of other music projects I have in mind, but still in the embryonic stage. Other than music I have some merchandise coming out, as well as some jewellery designs and if things go to plan starting back on events.

TF: When can we look forward to seeing you play live Clair, and doing the rounds with the LP? 

Right now I’m a bit too busy to practice for live performance, but perhaps next year sometime, think I’d possibly be a nervous wreck playing publicly, especially given how reclusive I’ve become, but who knows what next year will bring, life tends to cough up some surprises of late. 

Released digitally on HotGem, TAPE release on cult label The Darkoutside

£1.00 from Every LP sale will be donated to (Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights)