Bemz is a name we are going to hear more of in the coming months. Not only was he on the longlist for the SAY Awards but he performed at the ten year ceremony alongside AIITEE covering Young Fathers tracks and has some gigs coming up at the beginning of 2022. Bemz spoke with The Fountain about some of the exciting things happening for him.

TF: You have just been announced as being on the longlist for the SAY, how does that feel? 

Yeah it felt special making the longlist of the day award, meant my music was getting some sort of recognition. Not making the shortlist was also a learning curve for me so I know I still have a lot of work to do. We move though, can’t get too caught up with the past.

TF: And you also have an EP in the pipeline, what can we expect from this release? 

M4, 7 track EP that’s just a rollercoaster of emotions. From the confident Bemz to the emotional Bemz. It’s a matured sound from SOLC but I pray I can build from this and improve for the next one. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, aside from taking Scotland’s music scene by storm?

Rest of the year, I’m just going to continue working on my craft & learning the business element of the music industry. Working on the next project already so going keep on that. I have a few shows coming up too which I’m excited for. 

TF: When can we next expect a live show from you now that venues and gigs are kicking off again?

Well I have a few, like DMC coming up. I also have some DJ sets but the main one right now for me is the headline show in King Tuts in January!! That one I’m looking forward to.