Swiftly following their well received debut single Mountain Soda, the Liverpool band SCREENTALK pump-up the stereo with their second effort, Amplified, as recorded with Kurran Karbal (Munkey Junkey, ZUZU). With this new release in mind, Sam and Stuart from the band spoke with The Fountain about their new music and plans for later into the year.

TF: What has the reception been like for Amplified?

Sam: It seems to have gone down better with the rock enthusiasts; I think it showcases a different kind of energy to our first single. It’s not got that uplifting, sing-a-long charm of Mountain Soda… I’d say it has more of a haunting feel. 

TF: Can you sum up the track in one sentence?

Sam: Our prized set-opener. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year?

Stuart: The rest of the year is really exciting. We’ve got a number of shows to announce in November, and we’ll be back in the studio again before Christmas, which means some new songs on the way for 2022…

TF: What is your favourite venue in Liverpool and the venue most looking forward to playing?

Sam: Dan and I played a few cool venues in our old band, and a favourite of ours was HUS. The lighting in certain venues is sometimes so dark that you can’t visibly see your own instruments, but the bright yellow walls of HUS make that an impossibility! 

Sam: We’re mostly looking forward to playing Jimmy’s in November because it’s our marquee headline gig, and it’s a new venue that is quickly making a name for itself.