Forced by the events of the past eighteen months to pause an otherwise extremely active touring life, award-winning folk band CARA have responded to the global pandemic with a considered emotional testimony to some big questions in their new album, Grounded. In this, their eighth studio album, to be released on 15th October 2021, CARA celebrate the traditions that truly ground them, the solace that can be found in nature, and the inner strength that we find to cope with life’s challenges. The Fountain caught up with CARA to discuss the new music and what their plans might look like after the album release.

TF: You have a new album out, what can we expect from Grounded

While being literally “grounded” by the pandemic, we took the time to think about what truly grounds us and supports us when times are tough. The album is a combination of traditional and original tune-sets and songs, steeped in the Scots and Irish folk tradition, alongside a Bob Dylan cover – we hope that listeners can share in our sense of drawing strength from the natural surroundings we find ourselves in, our history and traditions, and music.

TF: And can you sum up the record in one sentence? 

A life-affirming album, which celebrates the solace and strength we can find in nature, and in music, in challenging times!

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, will you be promoting it with live shows?

We’re delighted that it’s looking likely that our planned album release tour in Germany and Switzerland is going to be able to go ahead, so we’re really looking forward to playing the new songs, live, for audiences from 15th – 24th October and 18 – 27th November. You can find all the details on the website. It’s not something that we take for granted these days! But we were very lucky to be able to perform nine gigs over this summer in Germany, and we’re really hopeful to get back to our normal touring schedule going forward – we’re normally performing around 60 gigs a year.

TF: When can we next expect a live show from you now that venues and gigs are kicking off again?

CARA have got quite a few gigs coming up in October and November, but all in Germany and Switzerland! As a solo artist, I was delighted to play my first gig since December 2019 this past weekend at BAAFest, where I was able to play songs from my new solo album, HELD, which was released in lockdown, with Mattie Foulds on drums and Kevin McGuire on bass – it was loads of fun! I’m still working to reschedule the other gigs which should have been accompanying the solo album release, but hopefully I’ll be back on stages in the UK soon.

Grounded is out on 15th October, more details here