Rising talent Bachir Salloum is rapidly establishing himself as a quality producer, releasing Beatport-topping cuts on labels like Balance Music, Sudbeat, Juicebox Music, Akbal and Do Not Sit (both hitting No1 in Beatport’s organic house & downtempo, progressive genres) and more. Inspired by his older brother who was a hip-hop and R&B DJ, Bachir started exploring electronic music aged 16 and was captivated by Beirut’s diverse music scene. With new EP, Foggy Morning, out, The Fountain caught up with Bachir to discuss new music and his connection to Balance.

TF: Hey Bachir, thanks for speaking to us! Where are you at the moment?

Hey guys, thank you for featuring me on your great platform. Currently, I’m in Dubai, have been living here for the past six years.

TF: You’ve been getting your head down in the studio through lockdown too haven’t you, have you managed to stay motivated throughout this time?

I know the past 18 months have been tough on all of us, but in times like these, we just need to find the silver lining (easier said than done sometimes) – mine was being able to devote so much time in the studio and really focus on learning and creating. It’s been such a blessing for me, these past months have really allowed me to dive deeper into my passion for music and give it my full attention. I’ve also been dedicating time to learning more skills, enhancing my knowledge.

TF: You’ve just released your EP Foggy Morning on Balance Music. Can you give us the story behind the release?

I was invited to curate a Balance Selection Mix; I was so excited to be featured to do the mix and I really wanted to give the listeners a proper journey of my sounds and selections, a combination of my grooves and deep melodies. I knew from the get-go that I wanted to make this super special and so I produced some originals for the mix and that’s how the EP was born.

TF: What does it mean to release on Balance, this is a special label for you isn’t it?

Releasing on Balance, for me is major. The label has been on my radar for as long as I can remember. Many many years ago, I listened to James Holden’s album on Balance and I was just blown away by it and so this label has been on my radar since forever. Fast forward to 2021 and here I am, my debut EP on Balance. I can’t express what an honor it is to be amongst industry legends who also call Balance home for many of their music.

TF: What else is coming up for you?

More releases. I have a few gems that haven’t found a home yet so waiting on feedback from some labels – can only hope for the best! I’m also part of a team about to launch a brilliant new music school in the Middle East, SAWT Music Academy. We’ve been working on this for a year or so, and it’s all about inclusivity, bringing the opportunity of music as a skill, passion or career to people all across the Middle East, with lessons in Arabic and English. We’re starting online, but it will also include in person as we emerge from lockdown etc, and I just can’t wait until we can open our doors fully!

TF: As we move swiftly in the direction of events in the future, where is your favourite venue for playing live? And where is the next place you most look forward to gigging?

Give me any venue with a good crowd and I’m happy, I’m really hoping that once we get back into opening again I will be able to start playing more international gigs and sharing my sounds as much as I can. One place that I do have on my bucket list to play at is Woodstock Bloemendaal in Amsterdam – this place… you have to experience it to understand its magic. It’s become our annual go to venue, our place of reunion with many friends from all over the world who share a passion for music.