Part of the 2021 Made in Scotland Showcase, Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) is a time-travel ride through the evolution of sexes. It celebrates our diverse gender identities and sexualities. The show by Mamoru Iriguchi is a playful new take on sex education from the award-winning team behind Eaten and is an eye-opening experience for teenagers, and everyone who missed out on the sex education they should have been given at school! Mamoru spoke with The Fountain about the show and why we should all delve into this new sex education we’ve all been missing.

TF: You are part of the Made in Scotland Showcase this year, what can you tell us about S.E.X?

Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) is an entertaining and informative new show that celebrates our diverse gender identities and sexualities. With full of humour and DIY tech, my co-performer Afton Moran and I will share a kind of Sex Education that we all deserve but might have missed out when we were at school. 

TF: And can you sum it up in one sentence? 

A Sex Education class that we all deserve. 

TF: What were the key influences for your show this year Mamoru?

Many moons ago, I studied zoology at university, but dropped out and ended up working in theatre. When I was studying, I must have been unhappy because all the evolution theories gave us no explanation about my own sexuality. So this is my take to see what biology could contribute to celebrate our diverse gender identities and sexualities, particularly when the term ‘biological sex’ has been used in confusing ways.

TF: And as for the rest of Made in Scotland programme, what are you looking forward to personally? 

I am looking forward to see all the shows are happening in the best possible ways when all selected companies for 2020 have had to shift their plans so many times. So far we have had many zoom meetings, but I also look forward to seeing the artists in person in August. 

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