Scottish four-piece Dictator have returned with the release of their immersive new single Mirror Mirror, out now via Blackhall Records, Edinburgh. Combining elements of indie-rock with woozy electronics and vibrant psychedelic moments, Mirror Mirror creates eclectic soundscapes that will inevitably push boundaries of what you thought Dictator were capable of. With that in mind, The Fountain caught up with Zach, guitarist from the band to discuss the new music and plans for potential gigs.

TF:  You have a new single out, what has the reception been like?

As usual, it has completely surpassed any of our expectations! Besides the fact of getting a wee share from the one and only Robert Carlyle (wwhhhaatttt!!!) it has also been really well received by our fanbase. We try not to get caught up in chasing figures, but if we were to look at them this would actually be our most successful release yet.

TF: Can you some up the track in one sentence?

Spaced out thunderous vibrations that make you question your lifestyle but still  move you to dance the night away.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year?

Well the world is opening up quite a bit so we’re ramping up too. We’ve been recording like mad for the past few months so expect at least one more single release before the year is out. We’ll also be putting out a really cool remix from our friend Liam Doc AND will be performing our first headline show in Glasgow on Saturday 18th December! Fun Times.

TF: Interesting band name, what inspired the choice?

It was a bit of an inside joke with the band, surrounding Michael’s song writing process haha! I feel like it’s kinda come to represent the entire bands attitude though. We try really hard not to compromise on our creativity and our goal’s and we won’t do anything that doesn’t align with our own personal outlooks. We also allow each other a creative autonomy which I think is rare in bands. If one of us want to spearhead a project, we support and encourage them on it. Everyone has an input but ultimately we work to a singular vision. We are all Dictator.

TF: What is your favourite venue for playing live? Where are you looking forward to gigging?

This will probably sound cheesy but as long as there is an engaged crowd I actually couldn’t care about the venue. Its all about the fans and feeding off their energy. For the future? I’d love to experience playing a stadium gig, however unrealistically ambitious that might be.

I’ll settle for our upcoming headline in Glasgow’s Broadcast just now though. Glasgow is a music city through and through. I’ve literally never had a bad show there, even the one’s where everything goes wrong the crowd always finds a way to save the day. Bring it on Glasgow.