Cara Rose, a soulful 23-year-old artist from Glasgow whose voice is like riding a wave that dips low and rises sweetly, is performing at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on the 31st August. Her lyrical wandering of life as a woman experiencing love and finding her place in uncertain times is spiced with her Glaswegian candour. By performing in venues across Glasgow and sharing her talent on platforms like Spotify and Instagram she has created a beautifully diverse fan base. This unique singer songwriter playfully dances between soul and pop with ease.

TF: What is your EP Urges influenced by and where do you find inspiration?

My music is always influenced by the highs and woes that I experience. I write as a result of feeling; rarely do I plan to write a song or pick a subject to write about. Writing about pain or anything that I’m going through is therapeutic, getting it all out of your system is all part of the healing. So, I guess that’s where my inspiration comes from, knowing that I can write a tune and feel ten times better after it. With the new EP, all the songs were inspired by my past relationships, including family and friends.

TF: Do you have a process?

I don’t really have a particular order of doing things when I make music. Sometimes I can get inspired while out and about, so I jot lyrics down in my notes in my phone, as that’s what I have to hand, then I kind of expand on that. Sometimes I’ll be sitting at the piano and find a nice chord progression then I sing over it to find a melody. Then this is where I’ll maybe to go my notebook or notes where I keep random lines of lyrics and piece a song together that relates to the way I’m feeling about something. I just try to be truthful with myself about how I feel about things and allow myself to be super open when I write.

TF: How has lockdown affected you as an artist?

I’m still processing the last year and a half. We have went through one of the most crazy experiences and I am grateful to be here and with a bunch of new tunes. I’m thankful that throughout this time I was able to find creativity and keep myself moving with my music. I spent a lot of lockdown just reflecting on my life and my relationships. I guess it really made me appreciate things more and some of my new music was inspired by my family and reflecting on the folk that aren’t around anymore. When the world is on pause it forces you into thinking about what you have and haven’t got.

TF: You’re performing at King Tuts at the end of the month. Will you be sharing anything unheard?

I am and I’m super excited (and nervous) about it! My set is a mixture of the songs from the last EP Urges, which was released during lockdown, and some new material that I’ve wrote this past year. I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.

King Tuts Summer Nights with Coors 2021 started at the beginning of this month and will end with Cara Rose and supporting acts Hannah Slavin, Brodie Barclay and Lewis Ross. Tickets are still available here