Anna Meredith, as usual, is all go with the release of a new album, writing and more significantly for us Scottish crowd, performing as part of the Edinburgh International Festival. With the release of Bumps Per Minute (via Moshi Moshi), and her upcoming EIF gig, The Fountain caught up with Anna to discuss dodgems, Somerset House, new music and the new venue for the EIF as well as her juicy number for the last track cover (she ain’t giving anything away).

TF: Obviously this is not your first foray into the EIF programme, it’s brilliant to see you back and this time a full gig to promote your album Fibs, you must be stoked about that?

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s so nice to have a chance to do some performing again after a long time thinking about it, and imagining it, and it will be a great space so I am really excited about it.

TF: And what can we expect from the set, apart from obviously the full 2019 album, is there anything else you might possibly have up your sleeve for the audience?

I mean I won’t be doing the full album so there will be mixed tracks from Varmints, the album before that, and Fibs, but yeah we do normally like to round things off with some kind of disgustingly cheesy cover so I am gonna think about which of the filth that is in my repertoire that would be a suitable way to round it off.

TF: Well I look forward to that, is there anything you can tell us about this new venue for this year. Obviously there is anticipation about what this location is going to look like, or are you as much in the dark as the rest of us?

I’m afraid so, I’ve seen a few plans, I know that they are trying to be really careful, make sure that it ticks all the boxes of what a venue needs to be and what the Scottish rules allow. I know that everyone is seated and distanced so I think it’s quite long and thin with a big roof. I don’t know either.

TF: Aside from your own gig is there anything that sparks personal excitement for you with the programme?

I think they have done a really good job. I think the programme in general is especially fantastic, I think they’ve got a really eclectic and great mix of established and emerging talent of all kinds of genres of music. I think they have been adventurous and I also love in a way that they have put a venue in this part of Edinburgh, you wouldn’t normally think to have it here. Hopefully it creates a mini festival vibe that you see as a bit of a destination for going out, it’s not quite the same experience as dropping into a show in the middle of a regular festival.

TF: What else are you currently working on just now, is there anything else currently going on in the background that we can look forward to in the next year?

Well I’ve just put out an album, which was music for dodgems, which includes dodgems at Somerset House in London. I’ve made an installation piece where the bumps of the dodgems trigger this new music that I’ve written. So that’s in the courtyard of Somerset House for the next three weeks and I’ve released an album of that music with a competition. I’m also doing a bit more touring, touring in November, and apart from that doing some writing and looking ahead to writing another band album but it’s all about pushing this dodgems music, which is called Bumps Per Minute.

Bumps Per Minute: 19 Studies for Dodgems is out now via Moshi Moshi, Anna performs as part of EIF 2021 on 20th August, 8:30pm at Edinburgh Park, for more information click here

Photo courtesy of Gem Harris