Saturday 31st July is a big day for the Scottish hip hop scene; the inaugural HANG (Hip-Hop Aimed Networking with Grime), Scotland’s first ever hip hop and grime conference, takes place. The programme includes many names ranging from Jill Brown, Steg G, Dave Hook, Empress, Darren McGarvey and many more, as well as comedian Karen Dunbar who is involved in a panel discussion on hip hop’s role in communities. Karen spoke with The Fountain about getting involved with HANG and what she is personally excited by.

TF: Can you tell us a little about HANG and what inspired you to get involved?

I got involved with HANG through chatting with Richy about my hip hop workshops. Throughout the pandemic I’ve been working with various communities on Zoom. we’re making rap tracks which express how we’re feeling about lockdown, isolation, loneliness n the need for connection at this time.

TF: And what is your involvement precisely, what can we expect from your workshops?

I’ll be taking a few folk, getting some ideas from them and from that we’ll work up some bars together. then we’ll put a beat under it and rap it, all in the space of 20 minutes!

TF: What personal highlights are you looking forward to from HANG?

I’m always interested in what Darren McGarvey has to say! However the very fact that HANG is happening in Scotland, celebrating and exploring Scottish hip hop, is in itself a highlight. I hope as many people as possible come n participate n learn a bit more about our scene.

TF: What are you up to next after this conference? 

I’m off back to my day job! I’ll be filming a new documentary for BBC Scotland looking at humour in an age of wokeness.

Tickets are available now from Eventbrite. Day passes for the online activities are free, and tickets to attend the socially-distanced evening showcase are £5 plus booking fee. All day time programming will be available for free on @officialSAMA Facebook & YouTube channels. For the full programme visit