Born and raised in Croydon, Joe Turner is quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young producers around. He grew up in a house filled with soul music and a dash of nineties electronica. His grandfather, a jazz pianist, was a major influence from whom he’s undoubtedly inherited the musical talent that saw him writing his first song at just eleven years old. With new tracks out emerging from new EP Reflections, The Fountain caught up with Joe about the new music and planned gigs for the foreseeable.

TF: Hey Joe, you’ve just announced your new EP Reflections, dropping in July. What has the reception been like for the first tracks from the release, Too Much and Noir?

Hey! It’s been great to see a positive reaction to both of the new tracks. Noir was a step in a new direction for me, and I received a lot of messages from people saying they love that song. So it gives me a lot of confidence moving forward!

Too Much went down so much better than expected too which is incredible. It’s always pretty surreal when you get such a good reaction to a song you make in your bedroom/studio. Hopefully this continues when the EP drops!

TF: How would you sum up your new track Wings in one sentence?

A hard hitting, relentless club stomper!

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release? You’ve got some new live shows coming up right?

So I will be playing my debut headline show on 29th July (tonight) in London at The Cause. I’m super excited about that show because I’ll be bringing some special guests up on stage with me and we’ve got some incredible support acts to announce soon. It’s gonna be a huge night!

Beyond that, I’ll be working on new music, doing lots of writing sessions, remixes and hopefully playing some more shows/DJ sets towards the end of the year. I’m hoping to be busier than ever!

TF: How do you mentally prepare for a performance, whether a DJ gig or a live show?

I think the most important thing you can do before any performance is PRACTICE. From my experience of being in bands, we used to rehearse endlessly before shows – that always gave us confidence in being able to play to our true potential. I try to take that ethos into my own project now, I spend hours and hours rehearsing before any live show, and the same amount of time behind the decks if I’m playing a DJ set. You can never be too prepared.

TF: What venues would you most like to play your live set in the future? What’s on the hit list?

There’s a few I’d love to play at. Top of the list would be Brixton Academy, due to the fact I’ve been going there since my early teens and it’s my favourite venue in my hometown. I’d also love to play at the John Peel or Other Stage at Glastonbury. Another dream venue of mine is Red Rocks in Colorado.

Photo courtesy of Alex Rawson @ Bolthouse Film & Photo

Joe Turner’s Wings is out now, get it HERE. The full Reflections EP is available HERE.