Holding On ‘Til Sunrise is the debut album from Glasgow-based emerging singer-songwriter Iain Wilson. Released on Friday 9th July 2021, this debut release is a window into Iain’s soul as he addresses the emotional turmoil mental health can bring to an individual. Iain spoke with The Fountain about the track and his plans for later in the year.

TF: You have a new album out, what can we expect from Holding On Til Sunrise?

Holding on Til Sunrise is a mixture of upbeat 80s synth pop and slow heartfelt ballads.

TF: Can you sum up the album in one sentence? 

A journey through every day emotions. 

TF: Does much of Lewis come into the album recording it up there?

Interestingly enough, the waves on the last track Sunrise are recordings from a beach on Lewis. 

TF: What plans do you have for the rest of the year, you must be looking forward to gigging again? 

Very looking forward to getting back and playing live music again. I have been writing some more music recently and will be starting work on that very shortly too.