Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter, Cosmic Crooner dreams up a technicolour wonderland on his new single, Popsicle Place, which came out on May 21st. Wasting little time to resurface follow his gyrating, Nouvelle Vague-inspired debut single, Deep Down In Jazz, his new track, Popsicle Place makes another bold step inside the mind of the Crooner. The Fountain caught up with Cosmic to discuss Popsicles and music videos.

TF: We love the new video! do you come up with your own concepts for your videos?

Thanks very much! Yes I created the concept together with Lin Bartraij and Elf Godefroy.

TF: Tell us about how you feel this video represents your song/lyrics.

I always felt this song had a cinematic feel and felt like a 70s French crime movie. We wanted to capture that feeling in this video. The bridge in the song is the most direct part lyrically. I like how that’s also the first time in the video where I’m looking straight into the camera. Trying to tear down the fourth wall.

TF: How important do you think a music video is in this day and age?

I’m really into film, so I think it’s always been a very important way for artists to show how they visually want to represent themselves. In this day and age I think it’s even more important since there are no gigs happening due to the pandemic.

TF: What can we expect next from Cosmic Crooner?

More songs, more cute videos and of course more crooning.