Steven Barclay aka The Chosen Lonely‘s new song Zoom Romance has recently been dropped, it’s about new relationships and the pandemic, part autobiographical / part fiction. With this release The Fountain caught up with Steven to talk Zoom Romances, the new single and for any juicy details no one else knows.

TF: Tell us a bit about yourself, why The Chosen Lonely instead of playing under your name?

The Chosen Lonely was initially supposed to be a band name. Before linking up with any other musicians I’d been recording at home, and built-up demos with quite extensive arrangements. That was when I realised that The Chosen Lonely name actually worked really well as a solo artist too, and I set out to find a way of bringing the full sound to the live scene – it’s worked out well!

TF: How have you found life during the pandemic anything positive or all negative, we understand you met someone?  

I actually met my partner just before the pandemic started, while studying in Glasgow last year. The lockdown ended up lasting longer than we’d been together pre-pandemic. Lots of time spent on video calls, attempting to play board games virtually – which we actually got really good at! With the additional spare time, I experimented with other areas like home film production. These exploits gave way for much of the visual output for this new single, so all in all it’s been surprisingly productive.

TF: What is your new single Zoom Romance about?

Being so early into our relationship when the lockdown started, there hadn’t been a chance for us to have our first holiday together – a luxury / first world problem that we found ourselves mulling over one evening on a Zoom call. When I was a kid, my older brother had a world globe that you could spin around and we’d often mess around, holding our fingers in place while the globe spun, and wherever our fingers were pointed when it came to a standstill, that was to be the location where we’d supposedly live in 20 years. I remember Greenland came up for me once, and as an imaginative child, the idea of a land where everything was Green fascinated me!  Both of these personal experiences, along with a bit of additional light fiction, has culminated in Zoom Romance. Songwriting is one of the only places where it’s acceptable to have a breakdown of barriers between fiction and non-fiction. So while I never actually met my partner on zoom, and while she’s also not 43 – I know that within the track, there’s an element of truth to the story, based on my own lockdown experience.

TF: When do you reckon live music will return and what are your plans for 2021?

I’m hoping to see it back by the end of this year. If so, I’d fancy a return to my hometown for a socially distanced live show. Until that becomes a reality, I’ve been working on expanding my stage set-up. I’m considering a trial run of the new show, and all of the new equipment, via a livestream. On top of that, there’s definitely going to be more singles, potentially an EP or two before the end of the year.

TF: What do your career highlights look like?

I’m lucky to have lots of highlights to choose from. I always look back to a sold-out show that I played in Wick, alongside Sergeant (one of the audience members was Jordan Shearer of Neon Waltz I’m a fan.) Five days later, I stood in front of another sold-out audience, this time opening for Lewis Capaldi in my hometown of Inverness. Just before the pandemic, (February 2020) I got to play at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut where I launched my debut EP, I’ve always wanted to play Tuts! Sadly, I had booked my first headline UK tour, which obviously didn’t go ahead but I’m hopeful for the end of the year live music will return.

TF: Tell us something most people won’t know about you? 

I started off my musical journey with a real Highland heritage – the first instruments I learned were the Accordion and Bagpipes! The Beatles can be held responsible for my transition to rock instruments.