Roddy Woomble (of Idlewild fame) released single Lo Soul back in March as the first new single from his latest solo album Lo! Soul, which came out this week. Produced and mixed by recent collaborator Andrew Mitchell (aka Andrew Wasylyk), the new LP Lo! Soul was recorded remotely between Roddy’s home in the Hebrides and Andrew’s studio in Dundee throughout 2020 while Scotland was locked down. Roddy spoke with The Fountain about the new album and what is next in store for Idlewild.

TF: What can we look forward to from the new LP?

I think it’s the most diverse record I’ve made. It’s very eclectic and there is a whole new approach to my songwriting. There’s some spoken word, some sunshine pop, a bit of piano balladry and some excellent grooves and beats. 

TF: It’s been a year since the release of your last EP. How does Lo! Soul continue your musical journey?

See above answer basically. The album is more diverse than the EP, but the musical minimalism and speaking rather than singing vibe is a continuation. Lo! Soul is an unexpected and very hopeful album, made during a very odd time. 

TF: We had Interview Music from Idlewild in 2019. Is this journey still continuing, or is the band on halt for the moment?

Oh yes continuing, but who knows when. When the band reconvened in 2014 we operated in a whole new way – much more positive, relaxed and philosophical about the music we could make and what we could achieve together. I think we will play our (rescheduled) 25th anniversary shows first, and then see what happens after that. I love making up songs with Rod, Colin, Lucci, Allan and Andrew. Long may it continue.  

TF: What is your favourite live venue? 

The favourite venue that I’ve played in is the Glasgow Barrowlands. On a good night It provides a unique and life affirming experience for band and audience alike. Favourite venues I’ve been to – The Royal Albert Hall in London, Radio City Music Hall in New York, and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles – all amazing spaces to witness and absorb live music. 

TF: Where is the next place you look forward to playing next?

I’m just looking forward to playing any sort of gig to be honest! – in my dreams – Radio City Music hall, Royal Albert Hall, with my imaginary mini tour finishing up at the Barrowlands. But i’d be happy playing a show in my kitchen currently.   

Photo courtesy of Euan Robertson

Lo! Soul is out now, available here