Songwriter/composer/arranger/producer Kitt Wakeley releases a single from his upcoming album, Symphony of Sinners and SaintsConflicted, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard magazine’s “Hard Rock Digital Song Sales” chart, No. 6 on the Billboard “Rock Digital Song Sales” chart, and No. 18 on Billboard’s “Hot Hard Rock Songs” chart! The Fountain caught up with Kitt to discuss the music as well as his plans for the year.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like to Conflicted?

I’ve been excited and humbled at the response to the first release. I knew sales, downloads and streaming were going well, but I had no idea that it would end up hitting number one on US Billboard charts. When I see the streaming statistics, I’m eager to see the number of plays in the US and UK.

TF: How would you sum up the track in one sentence?

It’s a perfect hybrid of rock, Joe Satriani guitar magic and full orchestra, conveying a euphoric epic sound for the listener. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release? 

The second release is out now Sinners and Saints so we’re going to ride the momentum until the album release on May 21st, Symphony Of Sinners And Saints. As we see presales for the second release and album itself, I’m confident we’re going to have a great ride moving forward. The album release will kick off a performance schedule that starts on May 22nd at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Another confirmed date is at Carnegie Hall in New York City on October 11th, 2021. Other performances are being scheduled, but due to the pandemic, it’s been difficult to confirm dates. I’m excited to see the potential for tour. 

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging?

It’s always great to perform in front of my hometown audience. It’s an opportunity to play in front of family, friends and supporters. As I like to say, performing in front of thousands of family friends.