Celebrating 20 years of their classic album The Same Old Blues, Proud Mary are very pleased to announce a series of special anniversary gigs this Autumn. Kicking off at Reading’s Sub89 venue on 9th September 2021, the five-piece will be taking in stops at London, Cardiff, Preston and Leeds as well as appearing in Glasgow’s King Tut’s. Proud Mary spoke with The Fountain about the tour as well as other music they are working on.

TF: Wow, so 20 years since Same Old Blues, quite the anniversary, how do you feel you have progressed since then?

A lot has changed, members been and gone, four more albums released, countless tours but the fan base has remained and the old songs still stand up. Certainly doesn’t feel like 20 years! I think as songwriters we’ve got more options now, the next album is already written really and as a live act there’s a definite progression from the stripped down early tours to what fans come to see now at the gigs.

TF: How would you sum up this album in one sentence for those that don’t know?

More than you’d expect and an important record to a lot of people.

TF: I see you have some live dates to celebrate, what can we expect from these? 

The upcoming tour is going to be the first time fans will be able to hear the first album, Same old Blues, start to finish since it was released. Of course we’ll be playing favourites from our other records too. We toured the latest, Songs from Catalina at the end of 2019 before it came out with a view to tour again when it was released in 2020 but with lockdown that wasn’t an option. This will be the first time we’ve played it with people actually having heard the album and owning their own copies on vinyl etc.

TF: What is next for Proud Mary after these shows, another record, more song-writing? 

With the world opening back up, we’ll be picking up where we left off and getting a new album recorded and released. It was going to be recorded in USA but now more likely UK while things get back to normal. 20 years in, but the best is yet to come.