Berlin-based, New Zealand-raised Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee started out as a busking band in Berlin in 2011. They’ve since toured many major European festivals and headlined shows, including: Eurosonic, SZIGET, Haldern Pop, Woman Of The World, East Side Music Days, Glimps, Sonic Visions, Maifield Derby, Fusion, Stuttgart Festival and Orange Blossom Festival. Between 2016-2019, Charity Children broke off their romantic relationship and took a break to become friends and eventually musically collaborate again. They have now released their first single in five years, We Loved, and spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from the new music.

TF: You have a new single out, what can we expect from We Loved?

It’s our version of a breakup song, one that’s a little more tongue’n’cheek and less tragic than the norm. There’s a lot of hope and gratitude in the track. We like to think of it as an eclectic, flamboyant pop song with an atypical chorus, which you’ll hear. It’s quite a mouthful, there’s a lot of lyrics and it’s a bit of a tongue twister. We would be very impressed to hear if people can sing along! We also made a music video to accompany the song, which was self-produced/directed and features ourselves and our shared-custody fur child, Amy. The video is shot primarily on VHS, to compliment the analogue music production. The video is a heightened, comedic fable inspired by our real lives and fed by a diet of binging bad 80’s green screening and ABBA videos. 

TF: Your fans must be stoked to see a new release after 5 years?

We hope so. For those who were genuinely waiting, they probably gave up a while ago. Might be a sweet little surprise. To be honest though, we’re probably the one’s most excited about the first release in five years. A long and winding road but we’ve finally arrived and damn pleased to be here. The music we’ll be putting out this year is by far our favourite we’ve made together and we feel it could have only been so with the extended amount of time between releases. So for those who have waited, we hope it was worth it.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release?

We Loved is the first single off our upcoming album, which we will release later in the year. Until then, you can expect to hear more singles and to see some live video performances. We’re also filmmakers so each song release will have a video which we will make ourselves. That’s already keeping us quite busy! We are right now filming the next two music videos under lockdown in Berlin. We feel lucky to have this creative outlet seeing how the limitations of the current climate manifest in the videos we make. 

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging?

The project was born on Berlin’s streets busking when we moved here ten years ago. Although we’ll probably never busk again it’ll always remain the most special place we’ve played. It represents a beautiful and gilded period in our lives. It’s how we got by, how we got to know the city and a place where we met some of our dearest friends, some incredible musicians, some sweethearts, some not-so-sweethearts and a place where we felt a freedom to compose and play music with a direct connection to the city that is only possible when making a street corner your stage. Everyone needs a stage to play out the romantic and fanciful impulses of their 20’s, and that was ours. The romantic and fanciful impulses on our 30’s will find other stages. As for the place we look forward to gigging next, it’s hard to even imagine having a drink in a club, let alone playing in one. So for now, to manage expectations, we best not entertain that faraway fantasy.