Irish alt-rock band, Greywind have released their first single their internationally acclaimed 2017 debut album, Afterthoughts. The sibling duo’s brand-new comeback track, Am I Asleep?, which came out on 19th February is considered to be “a cinematic masterstroke of post-rock inspired perfection.” The band spoke with The Fountain about the new music and their influences.

TF: You’re a sibling duo from Killarney, Ireland. How did you both start playing music together?

When we were younger we spent years looking for people to start a band with in our hometown in Killarney but we could never find anyone so one day we just decided to start this band ourselves as a two-piece because we didn’t want to waste any more time waiting. Shortly after, we recorded a demo of our first ever song Afterthoughts and posted it online. Since that day, the reaction has been insane and we’ve been lucky enough to have been able to make a lot of our dreams come true.

TF: What’s the music scene like for artists starting out in Ireland?

It’s very difficult! We love the town where we live but there’s no “scene” so we couldn’t even find any other musicians to start a band with! Thankfully with the power of the internet it doesn’t matter where in the world you live these days and we’ve been able to gain the best fanbase in the world from here.

TF: How would you sum up your new single, Am I Asleep? in one sentence? 

Am I Asleep? is a beautiful, emotional and powerful rock song.

TF: This is your first new music since releasing your 2017 debut album, Afterthoughts. How has your music has developed over the past four years?

We wrote and recorded the entirety of Afterthoughts before we had even played our first ever live show, so in these past 4 years we have learned so much. We also now have the experience of playing live shows on arena stages so we feel like we have the tools to take absolutely everything to the next level.

TF: Which films/artists have influenced Am I Asleep? the most?

Films wise, Kill Bill is definitely one of our biggest inspirations for this next chapter. We love a dramatic revenge story. As for artists, Sigur Ros are one of the main inspirations and are a band who we’ve loved since day one of starting Greywind. They are an incredible band who can create massive chill inducing moments and that’s what we’ve always set out to do with our songs. We love beautiful calm moments that can suddenly erupt into massive emotional parts when you least expect it. The goosebumps a special moment in a song can give you when you think the song can’t get any bigger and then it does is one our favourite things to try and create. 

What’s next for Greywind? Are there any more exciting things planned for the year ahead?

We don’t want to give everything away just yet but we have a lot of exciting things coming up in 2021! New music, shows and lots of other exciting things that we’re so excited to announce in the next few weeks and months.