Australian band MT. Mountain are releasing new record, Centre, at the end of the month on February 26th via Fuzz Club. Hailing from Perth, the five piece deal in a sprawling, motorik psychedelic rock taking cues from Krautrock pioneers like Neu! and Can whilst existing in a similar world to contemporaries like Moon Duo, Kikagaku Moyo and Minami Deutsch. The band spoke with The Fountain about the new LP as well as their plans for the year.

TF: You have a new album out, what can we expect from Centre?

A journey through kraut-inspired jams with relaxed interludes & instrumentals. 

TF: How would you sum up the LP in one sentence?

It’s like a tunnel that is tall and spacious at the entrance but as you travel through it it’s getting smaller until you’re squeezing to get out the end.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release?

We’ll be releasing this record with shows here in Perth for now (hopefully they can go further than that soon). We really want to tour this record more but we’ll see how that goes. We’ve also been writing whilst getting this release together so hopefully we can get back into recording the new songs early this year. 

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging?

The Tote in Melbourne has to be one of them. It’s an iconic punk/rock venue that has so much music history behind it. Back over to the East coast cities in Aus which might be do-able soon, but hopefully to the EU/UK as soon as we can.

Centre is out on 26th February