In the years since forming, LUMER have worked to single out the flaws of our broken, modern-day society. Spitting the same venom as their exalted northern forefathers, the hull-based four-piece echo The Fall through gritty, razor-sharp observations that speak out against corrupt world leaders, online social pressures and the vacuous existence we each live to endure. With their brand-new Disappearing Act EP out at the end of January, they spoke with The Fountain about their EP and the music that influenced its creation.

TF: How did you all first meet and how long have you been playing music together?

Benjamin and I met in college when he felt obliged to invite me to his 18th which blossomed into our musical fuelled romantic affair. My brother Will and I have been playing in bands since we were old enough to walk, mainly embarrassing ones that hopefully will never get dug up. As for Ben we met through friends and he happened to lend me his bass for Radio One’s Big Weekend, that’s the same bass he uses today – very special indeed.

TF: Your debut ?Disappearing Act ?EP is set to drop on January 29th? . How does it feel to be putting out your first real collection of music?

It’s felt like a long time coming and hopefully the stepping stone to forming more and more releases to come. There’s a huge sense of excitement for the EP coming out and for progressing on to the next one.

TF: How would you sum up the EP in one sentence?

Like the soundtrack to a true crime detective show on BBC One featuring Hugh Bonneville and ridiculously enough, Matt Berry.

TF: Which are your favourite tracks on the EP and why?

Alex: I’d probably say Another Day at the Zoo because it was one of the first songs I’d written for the EP and I loved the idea that it started with me just listing the things I hated about the world to a friend. I believe its message rings true with the current state of the world, although it was written three years prior.

Will: For me, although I wasn’t there when the material was made and recorded, I particularly remember the early forming of The Sheets and I think it’s great how it sounds on record now – the chorus is mint.”

TF: Which artists have influenced the music on ?Disappearing Act??

Around the writing of the EP there were lots of bands like The Birthday Party, The Fall, Josef K and The Sound who we were mainly listening to – each of these had different influences on the EP.

TF: What’s next for LUMER? Are there any more exciting things planned for the year ahead?

It’s safe to say that we’ve been working hard since the line-up change and we’ve been making demos of new material alongside another release that we hope to put out early this year. By then, it would be nice to be playing our new material to crowds of even 10 people, if it means doing another show.