The Scottish Ballet, despite not being able to have theatre in real life this December, have outdone themselves with their most recent offering in The Secret Theatre. Building on its creative and innovative digital work to keep audiences inspired, the world premiere of the company’s first full-length, feature film has landed, working with Glasgow company Forest of Black in the production.

Created by CEO/Artistic Director Christopher Hampson and long-term collaborator Lez Brotherston, The Secret Theatre brings a little of the magic of theatre into people’s homes this Christmas. Directed for screen by Jess and Morgs, the film is seen through the eyes of a young boy as he falls into an empty theatre by mistake, something that many venues and theatre staff will identify with this year. With characters from the Snow Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy there is plenty of festive majesty for the audience to indulge in, through the choreography, music and costume.

Set against a score of Rimsky-Korsakov and Tchaikovsky, with music recorded live by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra, this first debut full-length film still retains an element of live to it. It shares the company’s love for our closed theatres, as we see the boy intriguingly open the doors to Glasgow’s Kings Theatre, and that commitment that the show must go on.

There is so much to unpack with this film, as we are enriched with a wonderful tapestry of tales all woven in the magic carpet rug that the main boy goes on in flight. With the nutcracker, swan lake, the snow queen and the sugar plum fairy all making an appearance in this glut of festive tales, it’s a beautiful addition to the digital work that Scottish Ballet now hold within their portfolio. Jess and Morg make the most of their space with wonderful creative design from Christopher Hampson, this is one to add to the digital calendar this season.

Photo courtesy of Mihaela Bodovic

The Secret Theatre runs on 21st December, online. Click here for more info